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Tricia & Nick’s Engagement Portraits

It’s video time!

This is the slideshow I made from Tricia & Nick’s engagement session last November. We went to the playground where Nick proposed and did some photos in the tunnel there. Had to clear out all the kids playing and got some weird looks, but it all worked out well in the end. My favorites are toward the end at this outdoor art exhibit we found that had these white pillars scattered around. Also, their dog was fun and made me think dogs should be mandatory on engagement shoots because they make every photo better.

Looking forward to the wedding later this month, and hope my readers enjoy the slideshow!

Tricia & Nick’s Engagement Portraits from Alan Friedman Photography on Vimeo.

Kimberly & Kevin’s Wedding

Here’s Kimberly & Kevin’s wedding, start to finish! I loved the venue for this one (Art Foundry Loft). It made for some great naturally lit ceremony shots and some of my favorite portraits from last year. I wish every wedding was in a loft with massive windows. It’s a photographer’s dream…

Congrats Kimberly & Kevin, and thanks for the awesome wedding!

Hope & Michael’s Wedding

Long winter – no blog posts : ( But to kick off Spring, here’s a wedding from late last year – Hope & Mike. At the awesome Georgian Terrace, this was one super nice wedding, filled with great people. The venue was amazingly beautiful, inside and out, and I shot with mainly natural light at the reception to capture the ambience. It’s nice when indoor lighting actually enhances the image, rather than detracting from it!

Anyway, enough talk – enjoy the images! And thanks Hope & Mike for the great wedding!

1 Pic: Kimberly & Kevin

Time for some one pic action. This picture is from Kimberly & Kevin’s wedding last month. I loved the emotion in this shot. It was right after she got her dress on, finished makeup and everything and looked at herself for the first time with friends by her side.

More pics from that awesome wedding to come!

Elizabeth & Seth’s Wedding

Elizabeth & Seth’s wedding took place at the Gardens at Great Oaks in Roswell in October.

Amazing light during the ceremony! And overall a great wedding with lots of dancing, dad jamming with the band, fun with a spiral staircase, and a shot of the guys looking very sophisticated while playing chess and reading leather bound books.


Toni & Dusty’s Engagement Portraits Slideshow

I’m going all out here and posting a slideshow. Crazy, I know.

This is from Toni & Dusty’s portrait session last month. We had lots of fun on this one. There were some high-five mishaps and some brutal tackling (…Dusty…) but everyone escaped unscathed.


Toni & Dusty’s Engagement Portraits from Alan Friedman Photography on Vimeo.

1 Pic: Anthony & Grandmother

Anthony and his grandmother at the wedding:

Lizzy & Scott’s Wedding

Some favorites from Lizzy & Scott’s wedding this summer:

WPJA Award!

Hooray! Now I get to pretentiously introduce myself to strangers as an international award-winning photographer.

The Wedding Photojournalist Association ( holds quarterly contests for all its members and in the last contest I won 9th place in the Humor category, thanks to Jessica and her awesome dancing seen here:

1 Pic: Twyla & Shaun

There were lots of good ones from this session but this was one of my favorites because I liked the pattern of lights on the ceiling and the windows behind them. Also their outfits made this shoot feel super classy!

Shot at the High.